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Nice to meet you and welcome to my portfolio!

I'm Clement Sung, a web developer from Toronto, Canada. I have a background in chemistry and have worked as a quality analyst in both the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. So I know a thing or two about maintaining consistent quality user experiences.

I enjoy learning and creating responsive, engaging, accessible web applications.

When I'm not coding, I enjoy watching anime, playing video games and supporting Liverpool Football club! YNWA🔴

You can view my resume here.


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  • Screenshot of Podcast Prioritizer App
  • Podcast Prioritizer

    React | HTML | CSS | Javascript| Rest API


    Podcast Prioritizer is an app that suggests a list of podcasts based on the user's travel time. App was created in collaboration with Aubrey Kazdan, Paul Szadurski and Ilya Marvin.

  • Screenshot of Hikari Anime App
  • Hikari

    React | HTML | CSS | Javascript | Rest API


    Hikari is anime database app that shows popular Anime shows and movies.

  • screenshot of Cratedigger App
  • Cratedigger

    HTML | CSS | Javascript| Rest API


    Cratedigger is an app that displays a list of suggested artists based on a user's search or based on a genre selection. App was created in collaboration with Evan Kwan.

  • screenshot of Captured site
  • Captured PSD Conversion

    HTML | CSS


    Captured is a multi-page website conversion of a PSD for a photography community. The site is responsive on all screens, and has a collapsing navigation menu.


  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • React

  • Sass

  • Firebase

  • jQuery

  • Git

  • Rest API

  • Accessibility

  • Responsive Design


Feel free to send me an email at or book an appointment through my calendly if forms aren't your thing!